The main project results will consist in:
• the training module for care professional;
• the intervention for older people with dementia;
• the training module for informal carers;
• the dementia awareness campaign kit and video.

The project will produce several outcomes:

1) A co-designed passive and active music-based activities training and a toolkit that care professional can use in the therapy of older people with dementia.
SOUND Handbook on the codesign process in brief
Music-based training curriculum for health professionals

2) A Virtual Music Circle, i.e. an interactive e-learning platform where care professionals, older people with dementia and their informal carers can meet and make music together whenever they want.

3) A set of “Guidelines and recommendations” capable to implement validation and recognition of non-formal competences acquired by care professionals through the SOUND training.

4) An original and comprehensive passive and active music-based non-pharmacological therapy addressed to older people with dementia and tailored on their care needs.

5) A “Handbook for the replication, transferability and exploitation of the SOUND methodology”, addressed to social and health care professionals.

6) Guidelines and a toolkit for the assessment of the outcomes of the SOUND intervention with OPD and on the care environment (i.e. including care professionals and informal carers).

7) A toolkit of texts, videos and live performances involving OPD, professionals, and musicians of all ages (in an intergenerational approach) in a joint awareness campaign for building dementia-friendly communities to be used both at local and European level.

Video resources

Video in English

Video in Italian