Project description and aims

The Project

This project aims at developing a curriculum of passive and active music making activities training for dementia social and health care professionals and informal carers, and an original music-based nonpharmacological intervention to improve the behaviour, mood, and quality of life of older people with dementia and delay as much as possible
further cognitive functions decline.

Such an educational programme addresses different needs:
those of dementia care professionals, who look for more effective methods and techniques for dealing with dementia patients, and of the latter to be listened and understood, to communicate through a universal language, to maintain the residual cognitive capabilities,
and to improve their quality of life.

Other targets of SOUND are informal carers, who need to keep on training and acquiring new competences for better managing their loved ones in everyday life, and the wider community, which can be
more easily made aware about and educated to accept and interact with dementia patients.