ANS team

Alessia Palermo

Psychologist specialized Social and Occupational psychology.

Alessia achieved a master’s degree in Social, Work and Communication Psychology (University of Padua) with a research thesis on terrorism: “MATAD: a Terrorist Affiliation Assessment Method.” Alessia is covering the position of Project Manager in European projects for the NGO Anziani e non solo since 2020. Her interests focus on adult education, caregiver care, empowerment and coaching training.

Rebecca Vellani

Psychologist and specializing in Cognitive Behavioural Psychoterapy.

Rebecca achived a master’s degree in neuroscience and neuropsychological rehabilitation (University of Padua) with a research thesis on “Combined application of exergame and transcranial random noise stimulation (tRNS): effects on executive functions in aging”. Her interests focus on the ageing psychology, caregiver care, adult clinical psychology and neuropsychology.